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BRENMAS Is A Subsidiary Of BENFIKMART LIMITED (A Renewable Energy Company, Duly Incorporated By The Corporate Affairs Commission Of Nigeria).

Benfik renewable energy matrix system

Brenmas is a network marketing industry and a great intrusion into the renewable energy industry with the aim of illuminating poverty completely in Africa and beyond

With as low as 5000 Naira, You can start with Brenmas and grow to the level of earning 10,000,000 Naira and above

Immediately you register someone under you, you start earning referral bonus up till the 10th generation

When you have 3 active legs I.e you have 3 people under you that are active and you have a minimum of 60SV(solar value) for instance you are qualified for the incentives of the starlight, similarly for other higher packages with respective SV requirements.

Simply subtract the price for the package you want to upgrade to from the one you are currently then paying for the remaining, for example, if you are on the 5k package and wants to upgrade to a 25k package, what you need to do is just pay 20k more and upgrade to the package.
Note, once you have 3 active legs, you are qualified to upgrade to any package of your choice, so far you have sufficient funds in your wallet to do so.

This is a periodic bonus released to compensate fast and hardworking leaders. For instance, you get paid when your team has a certain cumulative SV

We have

Nigerian Naira and bitcoins
Brenmas current exchange rate is 360/$

You can withdraw your referral bonus immediately once you have minimum of 1000 in your wallet, but due incentives and are paid within 2-30 working days of you requesting for them.

Yes, the head office is located at Suite 4, Abebi Shopping Complex, Opp NMPC filling station, Mosafejo bus stop, Eleyele Sango road, Eleyele, Ibadan.

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